I (14 years old) am sad a lot. I have to think of things from before. Sometimes that makes me afraid. Sometimes I don’t know how I can keep on living with it. But I am afraid to talk to my parents. Who can help me?

Many people feel the same way you do:
They don’t know how they can live with fear or sadness.
Maybe they can’t forget something that happened to them in the past.
In moments like that, you need help.

If you are afraid to talk about it with someone around you:
Then there is the hotline “Krisen-Dienst Psychiatrie” (Psychiatric Crisis Service).
A hotline is a phone number for special situations.
You can call it when you are in trouble.
You can call it when you feel bad.

You can reach the hotline at 0180 / 655 3000.
You can call that number from 9:00 to 24:00.
Your parents don’t have to find out.
Please call that number.

The workers who answer the phone will listen to you.
They will work with you to decide what you need.
Hopefully, they will be able to help you.