I found this website. I would like to know who responds to my questions. Who are you?

We are 3 women.

Our names are Anja Bawidamann, Christine Rudolf-Jilg and Parvaneh Djafarzadeh.

Anja Bawidamann and Christine Rudolf-Jilg were born in Germany.

Parvaneh Djafarzadeh arrived from Iran many years ago.


We work together in a social welfare organisation.

Our organisation is called AMYNA.

7 other women work there too.

A social welfare organisation is a place where people work to help other people.


Our organisation has one goal:

To protect girls and boys from sexual violence.

We want to help before something happens.

So we provide girls and boys with information on various important topics.


And if something bad does happen to you:

We will show you where to find help!

Click on this link: https://refu-tips.de/en/category/help-hilfe-en/

Welcome to www.refu-tips.de

This website is designed for underage girls and boys.

But you should be at least 13 years old.

We will have new information for you regularly.

So visit our website often.


You would like to feel at home in Germany.

So you need to know the rules.

And you need to learn a few things.

We want to help you do this.


Maybe we are too direct for you.

Maybe you find something embarrassing.

Something we write.

We do not mean to cause any harm.

We apologise in advance.

But it is important that you also know about embarrassing subjects.


You should feel comfortable and safe in Germany.

We want to help you feel that way.