Important note: There will be no more new texts

Until now, we often wrote new texts on this page.
We talked about a lot of topics.
We hope that these topics were interesting for you.
We are glad that you visited our page!

But starting January 2019, we will not write any more new texts.
The page will still be online, though.
That means: You can still read the texts.

Maybe you still have some questions that were not yet answered.
Perhaps you can ask an adult you know.
Perhaps the texts on will help you when you do.

You can also go to a counselling center.
There are counselling centers for when you have experienced violence.
And there are counselling centers for questions about sex and your body.
You can find these counselling centers here:
Enter your city under “Postal Code/Town…”.
Under “All offers of assistance“ you can say how old you are, for example.
Then click on “Search”.
There you will find someone who can help you.