A boy in my class said: “girls always say no to sex at first even though they want sex. They want to be convinced.” Is that true?

There are lots of sayings like this one.
For example: “boys always have to take the first step”.
Or: “girls don’t know what they want”.
This is often not true.
Sometimes girls think: I shouldn’t say yes straight away.
Otherwise the boy might think I’m easy.
Regardless of the reason: the girl says no first.
She doesn’t quite trust you enough yet.

The situation may also be unclear with flirting.
It is not always easy to understand if somebody means ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
This is all part of flirting and it can be exciting.
It is important that you pay attention.
Otherwise you might hurt the other person.

This is why you must always respect a NO.
Nobody should be convinced to have sex.
Girls AND boys both want to be taken seriously.
If you aren’t sure: just ask.
Lots of girls really like this!
You can find more information here: http://www.echt-krass.info/trial_error.html

My former guardian (22) and I (16, boy) are in love. My friends say: this is forbidden. Is that true? She now works in a different establishment.

What your friends say is only partly true.
It is never forbidden to be in love.
However, it is different where physical contact is concerned.
A guardian may not have sex with your or kiss you.
You are their ‘ward’ and you are dependent on them.
The person protecting you may not have sex with you.
Even if you want to.
It is forbidden.

It is different when she is no longer your guardian.
Then it is not legally forbidden.
What’s important is:
You must both want a relationship.
You must both want bodily contact.
If you both really want the same thing then it’s OK.
However, sometimes it’s difficult to know if you want to.
Sometimes you want to make somebody happy.
Then you do things you don’t really want to.
It can be hard to tell the difference.
Maybe you can talk to somebody about it and get some advice.

My godfather gave me (13) a smartphone. He wants to hug and kiss me when he says goodbye. Is it rude to say that I don’t like it?

You were probably thrilled to get a smartphone.
You probably thanked him for the gift.

A gift does not commit you to anything else.
A gift should make the other person happy.
Your godfather will be pleased if you show how happy you are.

Sometimes you might not be happy about a gift.
Perhaps you don’t need it or it’s not right or you don’t like it.
However you should still say thank you.
You know that the other person meant well.

Hugging and kissing has nothing to do with the gift.
It’s right to say that you don’t like it.

Say something like: I like you.
But I don’t like hugging and kissing.
Please understand that. It’s important to me.

Your godfather should understand and respect that.
If not, get help from another adult.

An acquaintance told me he loves me. But I don’t love him. How should I behave?

He may feel sad.

And you might think it’s a pity.

Maybe you are even friends.

But you are allowed to be honest.

You are allowed to clearly say:

“I don’t love you.”


Sometimes feelings change.

Maybe you used to be in love.

But you are no longer in love.

That is also ok!


You do not have to do anything that you do not want to do any more.

Maybe your acquaintance is sad or angry.

But he must take what you say into account.

He must accept that your feelings have changed.

Feelings cannot be forced.