I (14 years old) am sad a lot. I have to think of things from before. Sometimes that makes me afraid. Sometimes I don’t know how I can keep on living with it. But I am afraid to talk to my parents. Who can help me?

Many people feel the same way you do:
They don’t know how they can live with fear or sadness.
Maybe they can’t forget something that happened to them in the past.
In moments like that, you need help.

If you are afraid to talk about it with someone around you:
Then there is the hotline “Krisen-Dienst Psychiatrie” (Psychiatric Crisis Service).
A hotline is a phone number for special situations.
You can call it when you are in trouble.
You can call it when you feel bad.

You can reach the hotline at 0180 / 655 3000.
You can call that number from 9:00 to 24:00.
Your parents don’t have to find out.
Please call that number.

The workers who answer the phone will listen to you.
They will work with you to decide what you need.
Hopefully, they will be able to help you.

I am 16 and I told my friends I am gay. Now lots of boys don’t want to be my friend anymore. Some of them are really mean. What should I do?

Telling your friends about it is called ‘coming out’.
That was good and very brave!
Many young people are scared about coming out.
They are afraid they will be rejected by their parents or friends.
Unfortunately, this really is the case sometimes.
There are still judgemental people.
This is very sad for you and disappointing.
However, there are lots of open-minded people – you just have to find them.

There are lots of boys who fall in love with boys!
It is often good if you can talk to other gay boys.
You can find a youth group near you here:
You will find understanding people there.
You can find new friends there.
Because you are OK just as you are!
There may be somebody in your school who can help you.
You can also find help at an advice centre:
beratung@gladt.de: you can get advice here in the following languages: German, Arabic, Turkish, English, French and Kurdish. Further languages are available upon request!

I often have stomach pains or headaches. I just feel generally unwell. The doctor can’t help me. Now I am supposed to go to psychotherapy. Am I crazy?

You are not crazy.
There are some illnesses where medicine helps.
Or you need to start eating or drinking something different to make you feel better.
Then there are illnesses where it isn’t clear what can help.

This is the case with stomach-aches or headaches, for example.
The doctor is trying to find out the reason for your pain.
This can be quite difficult sometimes as the reason could be psychological.

If she can’t find anything wrong with you herself she sends you to a therapist.
Therapists are psychologists who talk to you a lot.
They try to find out the reason for your pain together with you.
This can be good for you.

There are lots of reasons for pain:
Pain can also result from worry, fear or great misfortune. Or by something terrible you have experienced in the past.
Therapy should make it clear why you have pain.
And how to stop your pain.
Get well soon!

Who can help me? I have been sexually abused.

There are many people in Germany who help young people.

They work in advice centres.

They can help in the event of violence.

They can help in the event of sexual abuse.


Advice is free of charge.

They will help you to decide what help you need.


Find them at:




There are also advice centres for young refugees.

Unfortunately the website is only in German.


And often you have to make an appointment.

Ask someone if they can help you. Many have interpreters.

If they do not have interpreters, maybe you can take someone with you.

How can you help me?

We can explain things to you and give you information via the website.

Nothing bad should happen to children and young people here.

We are committed to providing support.

That is why we are explaining lots of things.

So that you know what is good and what is bad.


We cannot help children and young people directly.

You cannot speak to us by telephone.

But there are many other people in Germany who help children and young people.

Even when they have experienced violence.

Even when they have experienced sexual abuse.

We can tell you where to find help.


You should be safe here.