I often have stomach pains or headaches. I just feel generally unwell. The doctor can’t help me. Now I am supposed to go to psychotherapy. Am I crazy?

You are not crazy.
There are some illnesses where medicine helps.
Or you need to start eating or drinking something different to make you feel better.
Then there are illnesses where it isn’t clear what can help.

This is the case with stomach-aches or headaches, for example.
The doctor is trying to find out the reason for your pain.
This can be quite difficult sometimes as the reason could be psychological.

If she can’t find anything wrong with you herself she sends you to a therapist.
Therapists are psychologists who talk to you a lot.
They try to find out the reason for your pain together with you.
This can be good for you.

There are lots of reasons for pain:
Pain can also result from worry, fear or great misfortune. Or by something terrible you have experienced in the past.
Therapy should make it clear why you have pain.
And how to stop your pain.
Get well soon!