(13, boy) Yesterday at school, we had sex education class. The teacher showed us a penis made of wood and a vulva made of fabric. They show us how those organs work. We were supposed to touch them. A friend says: That is a sin. You are not allowed to touch such things. Is that true?

Material for sex education classes is often for touching and learning.
The goal is:
Girls and boys are supposed to get to know their sexual organs.
Girls and boys should know:
How do their sexual organs work?
It is important that children and young people are informed.
They should know their own bodies.

Some people might be afraid to touch such things.
Maybe they are not used to talking about sexual organs.
It is not haram or a sin to get information.
No holy scripture says:
You are not allowed to touch these materials.

Knowing about the body and sexual organs can help:
It can help you to protect yourself from some diseases.
It can help women to not get pregnant when they don’t want to be.
It can help against false information and superstition.
It can help so nobody can lie to girls and boys.

My mum and grandma say: “If a girl sits with her legs apart that means she is not a virgin anymore.” Is that true?

You cannot tell something like that by the way a person sits.
That is something older generations used to believe years ago.
Because they wanted girls to sit with their legs together.

There are lots of similar stories (myths):
For example: “if girls ride bicycles they are no longer virgins.”
Or: “girls shouldn’t jump as it will tear their hymen.”

These sayings can be confusing for girls.
They restrict girls in their movement or behaviour.
Some girls become scared to behave in certain ways.

There are similar opinions about periods and pregnancy:
For example: “if a woman has her period she should not wash as she could become ill.”
Or: “women can get pregnant in the swimming pool without having sex.”

These sayings are not correct.
If you are a girl it is best to ask your gynaecologist.
She can provide you with the correct information about this topic.

I have large debts from my journey to this country. I’m supposed to work them off and I’m frightened. Who can help me?

Many girls have similar problems.
They wanted to work in Europe as babysitters or hairdressers.
They often have large debts after their journey.
They are supposed to work to pay off these debts.
These girls are forced into a job they do not want to do.

Some manage to escape.
But they are often unable to tell their story.
They are frightened
that something bad might happen to them and their families if they reveal anything.

Are you in a similar situation?
Have you also sworn not to tell anyone?
At SOLWODI there are women who work to help women and girls in need.
You can tell them your story.
Get in touch with them and they will help you to find a solution.

SOLWODI Munich: 089/27275859
For all other locations: www.solwodi.de

Text: SOLWODI Munich

I have already had sex. And I received money for it. Is that prohibited?

If you are under 18:

Nobody is allowed to pay you for sex.

That ist prohibited in Germany.


But you haven’t done anything bad.

IMPORTANT: You will not be punished.

The people who had sex with you have behaved wrongly.

They can be punished.


You don’t have to do it anymore.

You can contact the police.

The police in Germany will help to ensure the people don’t do it anymore.


It is good to talk about it.

Then maybe things will be better for you.

Look for someone who you can tell.

Someone who will not think badly of you because of it.


There are also advice centres to help you:

For young men: http://www.marikas.de/

For young women: http://www.mimikry.net/

For everyone: http://www.jadwiga-online.de/kontakt.php

For women: http://www.solwodi.de/33.0.html?&L=0%3FkeepThis%3Dtrue