I have already had sex. And I received money for it. Is that prohibited?

If you are under 18:

Nobody is allowed to pay you for sex.

That ist prohibited in Germany.


But you haven’t done anything bad.

IMPORTANT: You will not be punished.

The people who had sex with you have behaved wrongly.

They can be punished.


You don’t have to do it anymore.

You can contact the police.

The police in Germany will help to ensure the people don’t do it anymore.


It is good to talk about it.

Then maybe things will be better for you.

Look for someone who you can tell.

Someone who will not think badly of you because of it.


There are also advice centres to help you:

For young men: http://www.marikas.de/

For young women: http://www.mimikry.net/

For everyone: http://www.jadwiga-online.de/kontakt.php

For women: http://www.solwodi.de/33.0.html?&L=0%3FkeepThis%3Dtrue