I (16, girl) am in a wheelchair. I have never had a boyfriend. My friends don’t have wheelchairs. All my friends have had boyfriends. Is this because boys don’t think I’m beautiful?

It sounds like your wheelchair is making you insecure.
Maybe you feel “different” than your friends.
That makes a lot of people feel insecure:
When they feel “different”.
Maybe you’ve also heard some dumb opinions from people.
That can make you insecure, too.

But every person is special.
One of the things that make you special is easy to see.
Maybe people talk to you about it.
Maybe that is why you are thinking about it.
“Being beautiful” means something different for everyone.
What is beautiful is what makes you unique.
There is only one of you!

Many girls and boys don’t have a relationship for a long time.
But: Many girls and boys in wheelchairs do have a relationship.
It can happen to you some day.
It is okay if you have not had a boyfriend.