I am a girl and I’m 14 years old. My friends were talking about the G-spot. What is that? Do I have that too?

The “G-spot” is a place inside the bodies of women and girls.
Not all girls and women have this spot.
It depends on their bodies.

The spot is inside the vagina.
It is on the belly side, so at the top, in a way.
Sometimes it is directly behind the entrance to the vagina.
Sometimes it is a little further inside.
Often it feels a little rough.
It can be different sizes.

When the “G-spot” is massaged:
This feels very good for some.
Some reach orgasm easier this way.
Some don’t feel very much at all.
That’s all normal!

The best thing to do: Get to know your body.
Learn what feels good for you.
It is different for every person.