I (16) have had my period for five days. Yesterday I had sex with a boy. We did not use contraceptives. Could I be pregnant anyway?

Yes, you can get pregnant during your period.
It is very unlikely.
But still, it can happen.

Your egg is only fertile during a certain time of every month.
Fertile means:
You can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.
You are fertile just before ovulation.
You are especially fertile during ovulation.
You are also fertile for a short while after ovulation.
You don’t know for sure when your ovulation happens.
That depends on the time between your periods.
Do you always have just a few days between periods?

During sex, sperm can enter your vagina.
The sperm can fertilize your egg for up to five days.
It could be that your ovulation is during that time.
Please go to see a gynecologist, that’s a women’s doctor.
She can help you, even if you did get pregnant yesterday.
She can give you a check-up and advise you.