My boyfriend and I (17) would like to have sex this weekend. But I’m going to have my period. My grandmother says: Sex during my period is impure. Is that true?

Sex during your period is not harmful.
If you both want it, it is ok.
Some women like sex during their period and some don’t.
Men are different that way, too.
In some religions, sex during the period is not allowed.
But that is a matter of belief.
If you believe it, you can stick by it.
Medically, sex during that time is no problem.

What is important is that you both enjoy it.
There are different ways to have sex during a woman’s period.
You can gently touch each other’s genital areas.

Do you want the penis to enter the vagina?
Then please be sure to do the following:
Use contraceptives even during the period.
It’s best to use a condom.
You can still get pregnant during this time.
Sexually transmitted diseases are spread more easily during the period.
Be sure to always remove the tampon before the penis enters the vagina.