I (15 year old boy) have a German girlfriend. We often have very different opinions: she dresses provocatively. She often does things without me. I don’t like that. Are all German girls like this?

Not all German girls are the same.
However, the following is very important for many girls and women:
They want to live just as freely as boys and men.
This means: they want to have equal rights.

However, that does not mean that they want a different partner.
It is about self-determination for girls.
They want to decide for themselves, for example:
They want to wear whatever clothes they like.
They want to meet up with girlfriends, even unaccompanied.
Some also want to be friends with boys.
However, this has nothing to do with your relationship.
Your girlfriend likes you very much.
But she also wants to continue meeting other people, girls and boys.

Every girl is different.
Talk to your girlfriend about how you feel.
Tell each other what you want.
Then you can understand each other more.