I am pregnant. And I do NOT want to have the child. What should I do now?

You are allowed to decide whether you want to have the child or not.
You can talk about it with someone you trust.
But you can make your own decision.

You are allowed to terminate the pregnancy.
That is permitted in Germany.
But only when the foetus inside you is still very small.
When you are less than three months pregnant.
If you are under the age of 18 and want to have an operation under general aesthetic,
you must obtain consent from your parent or legal guardian.

You must visit a pregnancy advice centre in advance.
Find an advice centre here: http://www.familienplanung.de/beratung/beratungsstellensuche
There is no need to be frightened. They will only talk to you.
You can tell them why you want to terminate the pregnancy.
Then you will receive confirmation that you visited the advice centre.
You need this confirmation to have an abortion.
They will also give you the address of a doctor or a hospital.
A place where you can receive safe treatment.
Do not try any other method. That can be dangerous.

If the foetus inside you is already older than 3 months, you will have to give birth to it.
Then you are allowed to give up the child for adoption.
The youth welfare office will look for parents for the baby.

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