I (16) have had my period for five days. Yesterday I had sex with a boy. We did not use contraceptives. Could I be pregnant anyway?

Yes, you can get pregnant during your period.
It is very unlikely.
But still, it can happen.

Your egg is only fertile during a certain time of every month.
Fertile means:
You can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.
You are fertile just before ovulation.
You are especially fertile during ovulation.
You are also fertile for a short while after ovulation.
You don’t know for sure when your ovulation happens.
That depends on the time between your periods.
Do you always have just a few days between periods?

During sex, sperm can enter your vagina.
The sperm can fertilize your egg for up to five days.
It could be that your ovulation is during that time.
Please go to see a gynecologist, that’s a women’s doctor.
She can help you, even if you did get pregnant yesterday.
She can give you a check-up and advise you.

My girlfriend (15) is taking the pill. We sleep together a lot. Sometimes she forgets to take her pill. Can she get pregnant?

Yes, your girlfriend can get pregnant.
Taking the pill on time is very important!
But “on time” means different things depending on the kind of pill.

Is your girlfriend taking the mini-pill?
The mini-pill must be taken at the same time every day.
Your girlfriend should set a reminder in her smart phone.
The phone beeps: Now she has to take the mini-pill.
If she takes the mini-pill later or forgets it completely:
Then her protection from pregnancy is weaker.
If that happens, also use a condom during sex until her next period.

Maybe she is taking the regular pill?
Your girlfriend has to take the pill every day.
At about the same time.
If she forgets the pill:
Please also use a condom during sex until her next period.

If she keeps on forgetting the pill:
Go to see a gynecologist, a women’s doctor, together, and get some advice.
There are other kinds of contraceptives.

I (17, boy) have a girlfriend. She just went to a gynecologist, that’s a women’s doctor. The doctor says that all girls have to go there. Is there also a men’s doctor?

Yes, there is such a doctor.
This doctor is called “andrologist”.
Usually they are also urologists at the same time.
You can see this doctor for lots of things.
When you have questions about sex or about your body.
When something seems strange about your penis.
When you are insecure because your body is changing.

What is important:
You can always go there by yourself.
The doctor can give you a check-up.
If that is what you want.

It is good to know your body.
That way you notice changes.
For some changes, you have to see a “urologist”.
For example if you had hard lumps on your testicles.
That should be looked at by a doctor.
Here is how you can find a doctor near you:

I (16, girl) am in a wheelchair. I have never had a boyfriend. My friends don’t have wheelchairs. All my friends have had boyfriends. Is this because boys don’t think I’m beautiful?

It sounds like your wheelchair is making you insecure.
Maybe you feel “different” than your friends.
That makes a lot of people feel insecure:
When they feel “different”.
Maybe you’ve also heard some dumb opinions from people.
That can make you insecure, too.

But every person is special.
One of the things that make you special is easy to see.
Maybe people talk to you about it.
Maybe that is why you are thinking about it.
“Being beautiful” means something different for everyone.
What is beautiful is what makes you unique.
There is only one of you!

Many girls and boys don’t have a relationship for a long time.
But: Many girls and boys in wheelchairs do have a relationship.
It can happen to you some day.
It is okay if you have not had a boyfriend.

I am a 15-year-old boy. In the past a man really hurt me. He grabbed me between my legs. I didn’t want him to. I still think about it often. Now I have a girlfriend. How can I talk to her about it?

It’s understandable that you still think about this.
Lots of people who have had this kind of experience think about it often.
Maybe you have to think about it even more.
Because you and your girlfriend are very close.
Maybe you have strange feelings when you are near her.
Maybe you are unsure if you should tell her or not.

Do you want to tell her?
Think about what you want from her when you are physically close.
Then think about what you want to say to her.
Perhaps these words will help:
Somebody once hurt me very much.
So I don’t want to do anything which will hurt again.
Sometimes I also want to stop hugging quickly.
That is because of my memories.
Not because of you.
Think about how much you want to tell her.
It is important that it feels ok to you.
You can tell her what you want from her.

03_bauchgefuehl_vertrauenI am a 16-year-old girl and I have a fixed group of male and female friends. We spend a lot of time together. One of the boys always comes very close to me. I don’t want him to. How can I tell him? We’re friends!

First we’d like to say that your feelings are important!
Nobody is allowed to come near you if you don’t like it.
But sometimes it’s difficult to say “no”.
Maybe because you like the person.
Maybe because the others in your group like the person.
Maybe he hasn’t noticed that you find it uncomfortable.
You can say to him:
You’re coming too close to me.
Can you please stop?
I don’t like it.
He must respect that.

You can also look for help.
Perhaps a male or female friend could be there when you talk to him.
If he doesn’t accept your “no”, look for help from adults you trust.
Or go to an advice centre.
Here are some advice centres: https://www.hilfeportal-missbrauch.de/nc/adressen/hilfe-in-ihrer-naehe/kartensuche.html?tx_nxshelpdesk_helpdesk%5binstitutionType%5d=21

I am a 15-year-old girl and there is an older boy who lives in my neighbourhood and often takes the tram at the same time as me. He looks at me. I’m afraid of him. The others say I should be rational.

We can’t say whether you are right.
Sometimes this kind of feeling is right.
Sometimes this kind of feeling is wrong.
But the feeling itself is still important.
Think about what you can do to make yourself feel safer.

Maybe you could ask him why he looks at you.
You could say:
What do you want from me?
I find it uncomfortable when you look at me. I don’t want you to!
Maybe he will tell you what he wants or he will stop.

You can also say to your parents or guardian:
I’m afraid of this boy.
He’s looking at me.
What should I do?
Think carefully about what is right for you…
Has the boy also become really nasty to you?
Then definitely tell someone who can help you.

I am 14 years old. I have used tampons for my period for a few months. Yesterday I forgot I had a tampon inside and then I inserted a new tampon. Now I can’t get the old tampon out. What should I do?

This happens to many women.
Sometimes you can get the tampon out yourself.
It has not “disappeared”.
The vagina is only a few centimetres long.

Here are a few tips.
Squat down or sit on the toilet.
Try to relax.
It works better when you are relaxed.
Maybe you can get hold of the tampon or string with your fingers.
Also try to “push down” with your muscles.
A tampon sometimes slides out by itself when you push.

If that doesn’t work you must go to your gynaecologist straightaway.
She/he will examine you and can remove the tampon immediately.
A forgotten tampon can make you ill.
So you must go to your gynaecologist soon.
Even if you are not sure if there is still a tampon inside you.
It’s not embarrassing.
It’s important so that you don’t become ill.

My girlfriend has her period. She wants to have sex with me now. Is that ok? She is unclean at this time.

If you both want to you can have sex during a period.
The word “unclean” is not a nice word.
That means that a woman is not ok during her period.
That’s not true.
Girls and women also wash regularly during this time.
They shower and bathe.

Period blood is normal blood.
When you bleed you are not “unclean”.
Your blood is not bad.

There are many ways to have nice sex together.
Even during a period.
For example, stroking the clitoris outside the vagina.
That gives lots of girls and women a nice feeling.
Or touching and stroking the penis.
This is called petting.

Many girls and women are particularly excited during their period.
Sex is particularly nice for them at this time.
Talk to your girlfriend about what you both like.

I am a 14-year-old girl and I have sex with my boyfriend. We don’t use protection. He says that I can’t get pregnant. As I haven’t yet had my period. Is that true?

You ovulate before your first period.
Then your egg is mature and can be fertilised.
Fertilisation is when a woman’s egg merges with a man’s sperm.
So you can get pregnant.

Many girls and women do not notice when they ovulate.
This might be the case for you.
Ovulation always happens before your period.
And even before your first period.

All girls have vaginal discharge before their first period.
The vaginal discharge shows that you will soon get your period.
That might be in 1 month or 1 year.
Some girls notice the vaginal discharge.
Other girls do not.
So you should use protection.
The best option is to use a condom.
A condom also protects you from sexually transmitted diseases.